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Neon Wizard

Neon Wizard Standard is our entry level neon design and production software package. This product was first launched in 1995, and has been proven in the market as a very cost effective tool for any shop that does neon signs and graphics.

Neon Wizard Standard is the ideal product if the majority of your jobs are text only, or if you are importing simple designs and adding neon layouts. The text handling capabilities are superior, with complete animated graphical control of all aspects of your text. Exposed single or double tube lettering or channel letters with multiple tubes are a snap with Neon Wizard.

Neon Wizard also includes a full set of tools for editing and completing your neon layouts, such as adding housings, blackouts, tube supports, and more. You will be able to produce a complete pattern that any tube bender will clearly understand.

All versions of Neon Wizard come with the Plot Manager, which is the production module of the software. The Plot Manager has a number of productivity features and benefits that will keep your shop at top capacity.

Neon Wizard is the perfect solution for the smaller shop that accepts neon jobs and subcontracts the production to a larger wholesale shop. You can create the pattern and simply send the Neon Wizard file to the wholesale shop for bending.

In summary, Neon Wizard is simply the most cost-effective tool available to help you design and produce neon patterns.

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