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Neon Wizard Plus

Neon Wizard Plus is our mid-level neon design and production software package. This version adds scanning and vectorizing for additional graphics capabilities to go along with the excellent text handling of the base Neon Wizard package, as well as image manipulation features and more advanced neon layout tools.

Neon Wizard Plus is targeted at the more sophisticated requirements for neon signs and graphics. For channel letters, this version supports raceways for automatic tube opening alignment, and can export by layers for the placement of mounting holes, housings, raceways, and tube supports. The scanning and vectorizing features add the ability to import custom graphics and create double tube outline layouts. We have also added Neon Summary to give you tube length information on a per letter basis, and the Channel Letter Returns feature, which was previously only available as an additional module.

Overall, Neon Wizard Plus provides you with a very complete software package for the design and production of sophisticated neon patterns. If you are making complete channel letters, the exporting features will enable you to use your existing software and hardware to get the job finished. 

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