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Sign Wizard Scribe 7

Sign Wizard Scribe provides additional text and graphics capabilities beyond those in Sign Wizard Letter at an attractive price.

Sign Wizard Scribe adds the ability to create custom graphics by enabling the user to On-Screen Digitize a bitmap image. This feature enables the user to import a bitmap image and manually trace it with arcs and lines. Sign Wizard Scribe also contains two very important features for additional text effects - Automatic Welding, and the Knife Tool. Add 400 high quality signmaking fonts, our entire clipart library and border library, and you have a very capable signmaking program at less than US $1,000.

Sign Wizard Scribe also includes all of the features of Sign Wizard Letter, including industry-leading text editing and manipulation, and our complete production module, the Plot Manager.

Overall, Sign Wizard Scribe is an excellent value with a lot of functionality. It makes a smart upgrade choice from Sign Wizard Letter and a good entry point from a non-signmaking software package. 

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