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Sign Wizard Letter

Sign Wizard Letter is our entry level signmaking software package that focuses mainly on lettering capabilities. This is a great place to start when moving from a non-signmaking software package or bridge application to CAS software.

Sign Wizard Letter provides our intuitive text handling and editing features. Many users feel that this is one of the primary benefits of Sign Wizard —the ease and efficiency of entering, editing, and manipulating text. Our font library contains very high quality signmaking fonts, with vector tangency of less than 1°. This means that when you scale our fonts to very large sizes, they still look very clean (try that with a TrueType font!). For version 6, we have added the entire font library to Sign Wizard Letter - over 400 fonts, categorized by style.

Sign Wizard Letter also includes our Plot Manager module, which is the production part of the software. Most of the features of the higher end Sign Wizard levels are included in the Letter version for plotting and cutting your designs.

Overall, Sign Wizard Letter is a great program to get started with for basic, text-focused signs. From here it is easy to move up into more complete Sign Wizard products as your requirements grow. 

Sign Wizard Scribe

Sign Wizard Scribe provides additional text and graphics capabilities beyond those in Sign Wizard Letter at an attractive price.

Sign Wizard Scribe adds the ability to create custom graphics by enabling the user to On-Screen Digitize a bitmap image. This feature enables the user to import a bitmap image and manually trace it with arcs and lines. Sign Wizard Scribe also contains two very important features for additional text effects - Automatic Welding, and the Knife Tool. Add 400 high quality signmaking fonts, our entire clipart library and border library, and you have a very capable signmaking program at less than US $1,000.

Sign Wizard Scribe also includes all of the features of Sign Wizard Letter, including industry-leading text editing and manipulation, and our complete production module, the Plot Manager.

Overall, Sign Wizard Scribe is an excellent value with a lot of functionality. It makes a smart upgrade choice from Sign Wizard Letter and a good entry point from a non-signmaking software package. 


Sign Wizard Advantage

Sign Wizard Advantage is our mid-level package, targeted at the smaller vinyl sign shop that needs a complete set of design and productivity features. 

This product level adds Automatic Vectorizing for easy importing of custom graphics and a major boost to custom design work. It also includes the new Font Wizard for matching Sign Wizard fonts to scanned fonts. Additional design and production capabilities include the Border Tool, basic bitmap manipulation tools, and Easy Weed.

As with the other levels, Sign Wizard Advantage includes all of the features of the versions below it, namely Letter and Scribe. Sign Wizard Advantage features are the ones you use every day - this is the workhorse of the product line!

Sign Wizard Advantage is an ideal package for the smaller vinyl sign shop that doesn't need a lot of the higher end features. It contains an impressive set of capabilities for the price and enables the signmaker to exercise his or her creativity while still being very productive.


Sign Wizard Grand

Sign Wizard Grand is our most popular Sign Wizard product, as it combines complete vinyl signmaking capabilities with a set of color image features for output to today's vinyl cutters and wide format printers. Sign Wizard Grand is used today by shops that want a full-featured design and production program.

Complete with an impressive set of Shadows, Distortions, and Special Effects, Sign Wizard Grand enables the signmaker to design almost anything. All the tools are here for advanced lettering and graphic effects, including the new Text on a Path and Dynamic Effects capabilities. Sign Wizard Grand also includes our complete font editing capabilities, which enable you to create and customize signmaking quality fonts, including converting True Type fonts to Sign Wizard fonts. 

The capabilities of Sign Wizard Grand include all those of the lower levels: Sign Wizard Advantage, Scribe, and Letter. All these features together result in a very complete signmaking software product that is unrivaled at this price point. 

Sign Wizard Grand is for the serious sign shop that needs a very complete suite of features for a variety of designs and jobs. You won't find a signmaking software package that offers you more for less than Sign Wizard Grand.


Sign Wizard Pro

Sign Wizard Pro is our top of the line signmaking software package that simply does it all. We have put everything into this product, including the optional Neon Design features and advanced Print and Cut features, to give you the widest range of design and production capabilities. This is the only signmaking software on the market to include vinyl, neon, and wide format printing design and production capabilities.

For Version 7, we've added the very powerful Paragraph Text Map To Path and Map to Circle, Dynamic Outline, Dynamic Shadow, Effects Library, Easy Bevel, Image Levels, and more.

Sign Wizard Pro contains features for vinyl signs, screen printed signs, neon signs, wide format printed signs, as well as routed and engraved signs. We have also added even more Shadows including the improved Soft Shadow, and a set of tools for manipulating color bitmaps, including Contour Cut, Clipping Path, Photomask, Transparency, Feathering, and Gradient Blend features. Sign Wizard Pro is for the sign shop that does a variety of types of jobs, a high volume of jobs, and/or very demanding jobs. 

The flagship Sign Wizard Pro includes all of the features of all Sign Wizard levels. Everything listed on the Sign Wizard Features page is included in Sign Wizard Pro.

Sign Wizard Pro has been leading the industry for years with its easy to use, intuitive interface. This results in more design flexibility and more productivity, especially on the higher end jobs. If you have diverse software requirements due to the wide range of jobs you take on, you need to look at Sign Wizard Pro to see how it can benefit your business.

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