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Sign Wizard Letter 7

Sign Wizard Letter is our entry level signmaking software package that focuses mainly on lettering capabilities. This is a great place to start when moving from a non-signmaking software package or bridge application to CAS software.

Sign Wizard Letter provides our industry-leading text handling and editing features. Many users feel that this is one of the primary benefits of Sign Wizard —the ease and efficiency of entering, editing, and manipulating text. Our font library contains very high quality signmaking fonts, with vector tangency of less than 1?. This means that when you scale our fonts to very large sizes, they still look very clean (try that with a TrueType font!). For version 6, we have added the entire font library to Sign Wizard Letter - over 400 fonts, categorized by style.

Sign Wizard Letter also includes our Plot Manager module, which is the production part of the software. Most of the features of the higher end Sign Wizard levels are included in the Letter version for plotting and cutting your designs.

Overall, Sign Wizard Letter is a great program to get started with for basic, text-focused signs. From here it is easy to move up into more complete Sign Wizard products as your requirements grow. 

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