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Sign Wizard Advantage 7

Sign Wizard Advantage is our mid-level package, targeted at the smaller vinyl sign shop that needs a complete set of design and productivity features. 

This product level adds Automatic Vectorizing for easy importing of custom graphics and a major boost to custom design work. It also includes the new Font Wizard for matching Sign Wizard fonts to scanned fonts. Additional design and production capabilities include the Border Tool, basic bitmap manipulation tools, and Easy Weed.

As with the other levels, Sign Wizard Advantage includes all of the features of the versions below it, namely Letter and Scribe. Sign Wizard Advantage features are the ones you use every day - this is the workhorse of the product line!

Sign Wizard Advantage is an ideal package for the smaller vinyl sign shop that doesn't need a lot of the higher end features. It contains an impressive set of capabilities for the price and enables the signmaker to exercise his or her creativity while still being very productive.

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