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If you've lost access to the Sign Wizard fonts, follow these steps. We'll use "Sign Wizard" to refer to our other products also, Neon Wizard and LED Wizard.

  1. Download fonts.swz, saving it to the Fonts folder under your Sign Wizard program folder
  2. Delete all .FNT files in the Fonts folder. If you've created your own .FNT fonts, copy them to another folder first, and copy them back after these steps.
  3. Close down all copies of Sign Wizard.
  4. Launch Sign Wizard.
  5. The .FNT font files inside of the fonts.swz file will be extracted to the Fonts folder.
  6. You should have the factory Sign Wizard fonts available.
  7. The fonts.swz file will be removed when the fonts are successfully extracted.
  8. Make sure you see .FNT files in your Fonts folder.

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