Frequently Asked Questions

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Fonts and Text
  • How do I make changes to all or particular characters of a Sign Wizard font?
  • How do I use the True Type fonts on my computer in the Wizard?
  • How do I view all of the available fonts and all of the characters of a particular font?

Import/Export and File Types
  • How can I use my layouts in Corel Draw?
  • How do I use Corel Draw's clipart?
  • What is the best way to move a design between the Wizard and Corel Draw?
  • What is the difference between an LYT file and an LSS file?
  • What settings should I use in the Export Bitmap Image dialog box?
  • Why can’t I open this file? I get an error message that says, "File version 54 is not supported. This file is either corrupt or an older unsupported version."
  • Why does a design comes into other graphic design programs very chunky when I import a bitmap file created in the Wizard?

Layout and Design
  • How do I access the clipart that came with my Wizard program?
  • How do I change the working area?
  • What kind of objects does the Wizard use?
  • What’s the difference between a bitmap (or raster) image and a vector image?
  • Why do the curves on the screen have flat spots?

  • What are “closed loops” and what does “loop direction” mean?
  • What is a screen dump, how is it used and how do I create one?
  • Why can’t I e-mail some files created in the Wizard?

Neon Design
  • How important is the quality of imported or vectorized data for neon designs?
  • Using Auto Tube Layout, why aren’t multiple tubes equally spaced across the stroke width?
  • Why can’t I put neon tubes in an imported design?

  • I am having a problem plotting through a serial connection with Windows XP, how can I fix it?
  • Is there a way on my laptop to use a printer with the Wizard?
  • My laptop computer doesn't have a parallel port. How can I plot to my plotter that only has a parallel connection?
  • My plotter plots on top of a previously plotted area when I use Step and Repeat in Plot Manager. How can I correct for this?
  • Why are my plots smaller (or larger) than they should be?
  • Why are the corners not clean and square when I cut vinyl?
  • Why does a colored bitmap file exported from the Wizard come in black and white when it’s imported into another program?
  • Why does my plotter cut horizontal lines through my design?
  • Why does my plotter stop every 30" or so and then continue in sections?
  • Why doesn't my plotter work?

Scanning, Vectorizing, and Vector Editing
  • How can I know how smooth the transitions are between arcs or between arcs and lines that should be tangent?
  • What scanning resolution and type of artwork should I use to scan in artwork for vectorizing?
  • Why am I not getting good results with Color Vectorizing?
  • Why do I get an empty box after sending a vectorized image to the Plot Manager?

Security Key/Dongle
  • Why am I getting a “Hardware security key not found!” message?
  • Why is it necessary to use a dedicated parallel port for the Wizard security key?

  • How can I upgrade my Wizard program to a later version or a higher level?
  • I have a version older than 6.5. Is there an upgrade charge to version 6.5?
  • I have version 5.0, is there an upgrade charge to version 5.1?

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